Thursday, March 27, 2014

SOLD! ''Sweaterdouch'


Here for your personal pets enjoyment, we are offering a new design in luxury. Just like being a sweaterdouche in the 80's for the preppy, this sweater for your kitty/doggie has a warm full knit back that mock ties arounf the neck and buttons on the sides.

Side buttons are functional if need be.

Used double yarns
'Baby Blue' and 'Baby Pink' Plus 'Red Heart-Plush'.
Very Warm and comfortable!

A: Diameter at neck: 5-6 in. flexible
B: Diameter at sleeve: N/A
C: Length of belly: 10-11 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 8 in.
E: Length of back: 13.5 in.



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