Thursday, March 27, 2014

SOLD! My First Sales....

I was so exciting to make more cat/dog sweaters and actually I SOLD a lots
on eBay and else



A: Diameter at neck: 6.5 in.
B: Diameter at sleeve: 3 in.
C: Length of belly: 9.5 in.
D: Width of shoulders: 7-7.5 in.
E: Length of back: 13 in.



...and of course CeeCee is the
BEST model for me...

My Sizing Chart

Remember, nothing can make me more sad,
when your pets are not comfortable
in their sweater.
So, please measure them carefully.
Make them and yourself happy to know
that they feel cozy and warm in it.
I feel responsible for their comfort,
I hope that you too!
I have been so pleased to receive photos of the pets in their new sweaters that I am now asking as part of the sales agreement,
that a photo be submitted please. :)

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