Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Labor of Love - Hand Knitted by Katalin

I was missing the 4 seasons, so we decided to buy an old farm in the north away from the tropical weather for a while (still dual-residency). While sitting in my favorite chair, my old passion/hobby has came back to me. I realized that I want to knit again. I LOVE knitting. In the past, I have knitted many sweaters for people, dogs and cats, even scarfs, hats and other goodies. My latest pride is a Tarot Bag knitted with Hemp. I macramé each bead into the draw cords separately for style. So far I have only this one and if people like it, I might make more...
I called my work: "Labor of LOVE"

Here some more hand knitted creations.
I knitted a lot's of sweaters for my daughter for myself
and for my pets...




First Baby Sweaters

My daughter's custom-made sweater.
It was her idea, I created it


Thank you for your interest!

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