Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's ALL started with CeeCee...


CeeCee is wearing her FIRST sweater and many
more after that...
 Words from my husband:
The magic sweater syndrome is a phenomenon that my wife, Katalin, and I have discovered our female Norsk Skogkatt, CeeCee, has developed. Since then we refer to any sweater Katalin knits as a Magic Sweater.
How did this come to be? As soon as Miss CeeCee has been dressed with one, she becomes very calm, relaxed and wishes to nap in one of our laps. It does not seem to be due to a confining or restricted feeling since she moves about as usual and has no discernible hindrance. We accept that it simply produces a warm and comforting feeling.
Miss CeeCee has advanced her years with us and it was time to craft a new sweater for her this winter and before we knew it, Katalin had knotted a few too many and we felt it would spoil CeeCee beyond a tolerable level to have them all so thus the springtime offerings of these custom magic sweaters for cats or small dogs. 
 They are all hand knitted with a delight for knitting combined with the joyous knowledge that some lucky kitty somewhere might be presented with a new magic sweater as a gift by their adoring owner. Or faithful servant as I suspect most cats think in terms of.
Some are hand finished with an adjustable neck ribbon that can be easily removed or adjustable one wishes.
A final delight to appeal to the special little egos of kitties everywhere are the ribbon flowers with a tiny faux diamond at their centers placed predominately for them to show off.
CeeCee will be 14 years old in May 2014

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