Thursday, March 27, 2014

SOLD! For the "Hairless" too

Last year I knitted a bunch of warm and cozy sweaters for some lucky and loved "fur-kids".
 This year I've already completed several commissioned sweaters.
Below is the one for Herman "The Hairless Kitty". His owner brought one of the pre-made sweaters on eBay.  Then she found out that Herman does not like his belly covered. So she wrote me and asked me if I could knit one that covers only his chest. She sent me couple of photos of Herman and he is a handsome kitty. She sent the measurements too. Now Herman is happy and warm this winter and not so ashamed of being different. BUT I love them, furry or not. SO thank you Herman and never change!
...then I finished his no-belly sweater...


"Hi, yes, it came yesterday and it is wonderful! Thank you so much. It fits him perfectly and it is amazingly soft and warm yarn. Here are a few photos. You are welcome to use them to show off your talent. I cannot believe you made this so fast. Herman is much more comfortable in this new fitted  sweater.
Thank you again,
Valerie and Herman"

I started knitting with a very soft yarn I found called  'Angel Hair'. it is very warm and soft for the delicate little bodies like Herman has. They are little angels anyway so let them have their yarn.


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